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Transforming Education Systems Through Policy and Advocacy

September 10, 2021

Educate Texas aims to increase academic achievement and educational equity by leading programs, policy and partnerships in pursuit of a vision that all Texas students, especially African American, Latino, and economically disadvantaged students, earn a college degree or credential that leads to a living wage and thriving communities.  

As an integral part of the Policy and Advocacy team at Educate Texas, Philanthropy Advocates aligns with the strategic priorities, research, and advocacy efforts of Educate Texas to impact student outcomes through effective statewide education policy. 

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During Philanthropy Advocate’s fall meeting, our members informed the focus of our policy work groups, maintaining a commitment to focus on: early grades success, college and career pathways, and effective teaching.

We are now in our cycle of work to commission research within each of these focus areas, with an eye on informing legislators, their staff, our members and fellow advocates on opportunities to continue to support and improve our public and higher education systems.

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