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Philanthropy Advocates was formerly known as the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC) until August 2020. Previously-created resources, documents and blog posts mentioning TEGAC are still provided on this website for your reference.

The Importance of the Texas Commission on Community College Finance

Read a letter from Philanthropy Advocates and education advocates to state leaders regarding workforce solutions with the Texas Commission on Community College Finance.

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Overview of the 2021 Third Special Session

The third special session of the Texas Legislature ended early in the morning on October 19th. Despite the brevity of the session, lawmakers were keen to accomplish several goals outlined by Governor Abbott. Following the end of the special session, several legislators also announced plans for leaving the legislature.

Read for updates related to our work together within Philanthropy Advocates.

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Educator Preparation Program Requirements at October SBEC Meeting

Philanthropy Advocates, a collaboration with Educate Texas, follows the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) meetings as that board plays a significant role in setting effective teaching policy, a key priority for Philanthropy Advocates and members. The SBEC met on October 1st and discussed key issues, including quality frameworks pertaining to educator preparation programs (EPPs), virtual observation of teacher candidates, the edTPA educator assessment, and EPP accountability.

Read for an overview of this meeting.

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A Look at the State of Early Childhood Education, Higher Education, and the Texas Workforce – Texas Legislative Panel

Key legislators, whose committees span early childhood through the workforce, joined Philanthropy Advocates members to share their reflections from the 87th Texas Legislature during the Educate Texas Fall Policy Convening.  

Read the key takeaways from this panel discussion.

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Inside Texas Higher Education

An Interview of Commissioner Harrison Keller (THECB) by Evan Smith (Texas Tribune)

Philanthropy Advocates had the privilege of hosting our members during our Educate Texas Fall Policy Convening as Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Commissioner, Dr. Harrison Keller, sat down with Texas Tribune CEO, Evan Smith to discuss the 87th Legislative Session and the current state of Higher Education.

Read the key takeaways from this conversation.

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Transforming Education Systems Through Policy and Advocacy

As an integral part of the Policy and Advocacy team at Educate Texas, Philanthropy Advocates aligns with the strategic priorities, research, and advocacy efforts of Educate Texas to impact student outcomes through effective statewide education policy. 

During Philanthropy Advocate’s fall meeting, our members informed the focus of our policy work groups, maintaining a commitment to focus on: early grades success, college and career pathways, and effective teaching.

Learn more about approach to statewide policy and advocacy to improve student outcomes.

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Leadership Committee Chair Transitions

We are thrilled to announce Kristin Boyer as our new chair of the Philanthropy Advocates Leadership Committee. Kristin is the CEO of the Trellis Foundation. 


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Adding Expertise Towards Impact

Welcome to Our New Teammate

Join us in welcoming our newest teammate, Deandra Porter, to Philanthropy Advocates. With additional experts on staff, Philanthropy Advocates will continue to serve our members' in harnessing the power of philanthropy for Texas public and higher education.

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College & Career Pathways - Transfer of Credits

Reports: Transfer Landscape Analysis & Student Survey

View reports that provide an overview of the state policies supporting student transfers, a summary of key groups addressing transfer in Texas, and a discussion of strengths and challenges facing Texas students today.

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Learning From Learners: Teacher Recommendations For Improving The Clinical Teaching Experience

Philanthropy Advocates knows effective teaching goes beyond the classroom. How can clinical practices strengthen the teaching profession? Read the recommendations. 

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Philanthropy Advocates Encourages the Use of Federal Funding

Read a letter from Dr. Wynn Rosser, chair of Philanthropy Advocates, to state leaders regarding federal funding to address educational disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Earning Postsecondary Credentials in High School

Student Voices

Student voices in education are key to understanding how policies meet people. A major impact of postsecondary education opportunities in high schools is creating affordable, career-aligned pathways for students.

Watch as a student discusses her experience in a P-TECH program.

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