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Philanthropy Advocates was formerly known as the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC) until August 2020. Previously-created resources, documents and blog posts mentioning TEGAC are still provided on this website for your reference.

Texas Higher Education – Partnerships & Supports

With Chairman Brandon Creighton and San Jacinto College

Watch highlights of a conversation between Chairman Brandon Creighton, Chair of the Texas Senate Higher Education Committee, practitioners, students and business partners. 

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Big Tent 2.0: Restart and Reimagine Education

As we confront a new set of challenges facing our state’s public education and higher education systems in the age of COVID-19, we’re ready to reassemble the many varied voices, experts, advocates, allies and funders to help “Restart and Reimagine Education.” 

Our collective voice as advocates for public education and higher education – from cradle to career – is strengthened by the research and work of our grantees, and we’re thrilled to announce our most recent round of awards. 

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The Interim - Committee Requests for Information

Philanthropy Advocates Responds to Requests for Information

View responses from Philanthropy Advocates on committee requests for information to inform members of the legislature on issues important to public and higher education policy. 

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TEGAC Is Now Philanthropy Advocates

New Name, Renewed Commitment to Core Mission to Advocate for Texas Students from Cradle to Career

“Since our founding nearly a decade ago, Philanthropy Advocates has harnessed the power of philanthropy and data-driven research to achieve our vision. Our name may have changed, but our commitment to our core mission is unwavering. We advocate to ensure Texas students achieve their educational goals from cradle to career,” said Jennifer Esterline, Director, Philanthropy Advocates.


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Building a Big Tent of Support for Schools in a Pandemic

TEGAC Supports Call for Statewide Task Force to Address Public Schools, COVID

TEGAC is proud to join 18 other business and public education organizations from across our state in a call to action for public schools. We’re urging state leaders to mobilize a statewide task force to focus on critical challenges posed by COVID-19.


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In Times of Uncertainty, Texas Philanthropy Unites

Today, amidst the uncertainty and devastation that COVID-19 is unleashing across the world, we are seeing Texas philanthropy once again unite to amplify support efforts in communities across Texas.

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Give Thanks for Our Friends

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, TEGAC gives thanks to our friends, specifically to Friends of Texas Public Schools (FOTPS).

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Spooky News This Halloween

In the Halloween edition of the TEGAC blog, we wanted to share with you some news as spooky as the costumes you will see at your doorstep tonight.

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Texas 2036 – Data Platform, Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium

Texas 2036 uses data, research, and leading expertise to enable Texans to make informed decisions to ensure Texas continues to be the best place to live and do business through its bicentennial in 2036 and beyond.

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The Consequences of Underfunding our Public Schools

Making sure our children receive a quality education is essential for the future prosperity of Texas. To be successful academically, many students rely on programs like tutoring or bilingual education. 

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The Texas 85th Regular Session by the Numbers

The 85th Legislative Session has been described as one of the most contentious legislative sessions in Texas history.

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It’s Time to Renovate Our School Finance System

Education is the bedrock of an informed democracy and the bridge to lifelong opportunities. As a state, we rely on our public education system to develop a talented workforce and promote shared prosperity.

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