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Philanthropy Advocates was formerly known as the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC) until August 2020. Previously-created resources, documents and blog posts mentioning TEGAC are still provided on this website for your reference.

Local Research On Texas Pre-k Grants Provides Lessons for Lawmakers, Texans Care for Children

As Texas began its new HB 4 pre-k grant program in the 2016-2017 school year, the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC) sponsored a research project to explore local demand and provide a preliminary analysis to policymakers.

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“They Quit on Me”: The Toll on Students of Weak Teacher Preparation

Key Texas leaders are paying attention. Educate Texas convened a Teacher Preparation Collaborative led by former Commissioner of Education Jim Nelson, and the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium published a report in order to advocate for critical changes to the Texas system of preparing new teachers.

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Texas Can No Longer Rely on Local Property Taxes to Fund Public Education

One thing philanthropy cannot do is make up for ongoing state cuts to public education. Over the past six years, Texas has failed to restore its investment in public education even to 2011 levels.

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Why Our Community Foundation Partners With State Legislators to Improve Policies and Address Needs

The Texas Capitol is big. The tip of its dome is almost fifteen feet taller than its counterpart in Washington, DC. Decisions made there impact almost thirty million people. When you enter the building, you can feel the seriousness, history, and purpose. For anyone who believes in democracy and representative government, it is downright awe-inspiring.

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Pre-k Works for Texas Kids and Taxpayers

As the 2017 Texas legislative session gets underway, business leaders, educators, community leaders, and parents are eager to see state policymakers’ next move on pre-k. As national and Texas research shows, high quality pre-k helps kids get off to a strong start. 

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My Family’s Foundation Entered the Policy Arena, and We Are Not Looking Back

The system needs to change. Like many family foundations, we receive several worthy requests that we turn down due to lack of funds.

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Why did you join TEGAC?

The Simmons Foundation’s mission is to partner with organizations that strengthen women, youth and families while building an educated, tolerant and resilient community.

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Texas Primary Highlights

Texas held its March primary contests and the will bring some interesting changes for public education. Confirmed and likely new leadership at Governor, Lieutenant Governor and key committee chairs, means new ideas and priorities during the 2015 Texas Legislature.

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Bringing Big Texas Thinking to Education Advocacy

You’ve heard that “everything is bigger in Texas,” but let me put this into context: Texas has over 1000 school districts, 202 charter operators and 8,571 campuses (including 588 charters).

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Envisioning Success for Every Student

During back-to-school orientation, Jennifer Esterline’s son’s third-grade teacher asked parents to complete a questionnaire with their student’s help. One question asked about the student’s goals for the year. This made her pause to think.

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Why after school programs are so critical for Texas

This afternoon at 3 p.m., while the Texas Legislature is busy debating important public policy, our students will get out of school and go … where?

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The State of Pre-K: Texas Can Do More

This month, CHILDREN AT RISK is excited to release “The State of Pre-K: Realities and Opportunities in Texas,” a report on the current state of public pre-kindergarten programs in Texas and policy recommendations for maximizing their return on investment.

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