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Often, grantmakers are unaware of just how much foundations can be involved in advocacy. Many foundations avoid advocacy because trustees and/or staff may not fully understand what actions are/are not allowed when foundations participate in advocacy. Philanthropy Advocates meets each of our members where they are in their preferred advocacy actions and we always act as a resource for navigating what is possible for foundations in advocacy. Read further for some of the advocacy resources we provide our members.


Part 1 - Foundations in Advocacy

We worked with Bolder Advocacy at the Alliance for Justice to create a tailored resource for Philanthropy Advocates members. This is a resource for Part 1 of 3 trainings exclusive to our members. Learn how to navigate the difference in advocacy versus lobbying, along with how those terms differ based on federal versus Texas law.

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Are you a foundation looking to invest and engage in public and higher education research and advocacy?

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