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Spooky News This Halloween

October 31, 2019

In the Halloween edition of the TEGAC blog, we wanted to share with you some news as spooky as the costumes you will see at your doorstep tonight.

The 2020 Census is fast approaching and Texas has a lot to lose. In fact, a one percent undercount of our population would result in $300 million of lost federal dollars to Texas per year for ten years, affecting education, healthcare, transportation and more. To add to the fright, 25 percent of our population is considered hard-to-count (HTC) for a variety of factors, such as being a young child, an immigrant or a rural resident.

However, don’t let the Halloween fear get the best of you! There is plenty we can do to ensure Texas has a complete and accurate 2020 Census. For one, simply sharing this blog post with your networks is a great start. The more we talk about the 2020 Census, the more Texans will know to expect it and how to engage.

Even bigger, Texas grantmakers have an opportunity to fund outreach efforts occurring across Texas to support initiatives that are educating individuals around the importance of the census. To improve the likelihood of a successful census, our colleagues at the Communities Foundation of Texas have developed the Texas Counts Pooled Fund to provide critical funds that will enable local communities to target outreach efforts and implement best practices that will ensure a fair and accurate count for Texas. An RFP will be released soon for funding opportunities from the Texas Counts Pooled Fund. Please be on the lookout for this RFP and share with your networks.


Learn about the Texas Counts Pooled Fund:


In parallel efforts, Texas Counts, an outreach and educational campaign, has been created in partnership with TEGAC and Educate Texas at the Communities Foundation of Texas and the Center for Public Policy Priorities to organize community leaders across our state to ensure a fair and accurate census. Texas Counts is gathering information, sharing best practices, and spreading the word about census outreach efforts happening across the state.

We encourage you to get involved – whether that is educating your networks, funding outreach or engaging with Texas Counts. Your engagement will be crucial to the 2020 Census outcome and the prosperity of Texas in this next decade and beyond.

Please contact Becky Calahan ( if you would like to engage on census efforts in any way.

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