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Texas Higher Education – Partnerships & Supports

October 12, 2020
Chairman Brandon Creighton, chair of the Texas Senate Committee on Higher Education, visited the LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy and Technology at San Jacinto College to hear from higher education practitioners, students and partners.

Watch the highlights of this visit, including an overview of policy recommendations that would support Texas students and their pursuits to complete credentials and enter the workforce. 

Key Takeaways:
  1. Higher education will play a crucial role in Texas's COVID-19 recovery strategy.
  2. Workforce training programs can meet the needs of adult learner students.
  3. Continued, meaningful engagement from industry partners is key to success.
View more information about support for adult learners and the key takeaways from this conversation. 

Educate Texas, Philanthropy Advocates and The Hunt Institute informed the content and direction of this conversation.

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How do we convert skills from prior work into meaningful credentials for students to re-enter the workforce? Watch as @SenCreighton meets with practitioners to discuss this important topic. @EducateTexas @TX_philanthropy @Hunt_Institute @SanJacCollege


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