Privacy Policy

Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) and Educate Texas are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal information entrusted to us by our donors and all others who use this website. CFT/Educate Texas does not sell, rent, loan, or otherwise share any information about them. However your personal information may be transferred to third parties, without notice to you, in order to comply with applicable law, law enforcement agencies, to protect our rights, or protect the rights of other users of this website.

Information collected:

  • Your Information: In the course of using the website, CFT/Educate Texas may ask you to provide certain information, including contact information, such as your name, address, and e-mail address; you may be asked to complete a registration form and provide personally identifiable information; you may also be asked to choose a user ID and password in order to take advantage of certain features of the website (Donor Website). Participation in registration is voluntary and you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to disclose information to the website.
  • Site Usage Information: Whenever you use this website, certain types of internet usage information may be received and stored; information from your browser, including your IP address, pages visited, the length of time you spend on the site, and files you download is recorded in the website server logs. However, no personal information is collected during the tracking process.
  • E-mail Information: In the course of general operations, CFT/Educate Texas may send you e-mails or you may send e-mails to CFT/Educate Texas. CFT/Educate Texas keeps track of these e-mails, and information associated with these e-mails.

CFT/Educate Texas provides links to external websites from our website. Unless expressly stated otherwise, CFT/Educate Texas makes no representations whatsoever concerning the content or privacy policies of those sites. If you visit a website that is linked to our website, you should consult that website's privacy policy before providing any personal information.

By using this website, you signify your agreement to the terms of our privacy policy. CFT/Educate Texas may amend this privacy policy at any time. If CFT/Educate Texas makes a material change to the way in which information is collected, used and/or shared, CFT/Educate Texas will post a notice on the website. CFT/Educate TExas assumes that you have given your permission for your information to be used under the terms of the new privacy policy, if you do not respond within 30 days or continue to use the website 30 days after a notice is posted.