Areas of Focus

Learning is essential in every phase of life—from early childhood through adult education. Our strategy includes five focus areas, outlined below. We believe setting clear goals and measuring progress is the best path to achieve success, so we have also identified strategic priorities and aligned indicators for each focus area.

Early Childhood Through Elementary

The primary focus of RGV efforts from Pre-K to 3rd grade is to improve the quality of education through grade-level literacy in reading and math.

Middle School

During this phase of education, we focus on helping students successfully complete four years of an intentional and rigorous math pathway.

Secondary Through Postsecondary

RGV FOCUS seeks to decrease the need for remediation and developmental education through innovative strategies. We are committed to re-engaging individuals with significant college credits and assistance. 


We leverage cross-sector partnerships to build regional youth workplace-based experience models, as well as employer-led educational partnerships. 

Teaching Excellence

RGV FOCUS improves educator preparation through coordinated efforts between the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley College of Education, RGV school districts and talent. Our educators need continuing education to accelerate their careers and increase their knowledge base.