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Celebrating Texas’ HBCUs

By: TxCAN   |   February 2022

In honor of Black History Month, we are highlighting Texas’ Historically Black Colleges and Universities and their rich history in providing affordable access to higher education to Texas students. Read to learn more about the nine HBCUs in Texas, and access resources to help make HBCUs another option in a student’s postsecondary plan.

HBCUs or Historically Black Colleges and Universities are defined by the Department of Education as an institution founded prior to 1964 whose primary “mission was, and is, the education of black Americans”. These institutions have a rich history and are well known for providing students affordable access to higher education and supporting campus climates where students of color can feel supported and achieve success.

If one of your students is interested in attending an HBCU in Texas, it is important to know that there are nine such institutions across the state:

These institutions collectively serve approximately 30,000 Texas students, and the largest, Prairie View A&M, has a student population of 8,000.

In addition to these schools providing access to higher education, a landmark study commissioned by UNCF in 2014 made it clear that the Texas economy depends on HBCU graduates. Not only do HBCUs provide tens of thousands of jobs in their local communities, but their graduates also generate billions of dollars each year. HBCU graduates enjoy, on average, $873,000 in additional lifetime earnings.

Furthermore, HBCUs have led the way in discussions of higher education costs and student debt forgiveness. These institutions are more affordable overall and promote programs to reduce student loan borrowing. In a move that garnered national attention, Morehouse College forgave all student debt in 2019 thanks to a donation from billionaire Robert F. Smith. Similarly, in 2017, president Michael J. Sorrell of Paul Quinn College, reduced total student debt by about $30,000 per student through their student work program.

There are many options available to students as they think of their next educational steps. We hope this brief introduction to HBCUs can be another resource in your toolkit as you engage students in conversations about their postsecondary plans. If you would like to invite these institutions to your next college fair, use the contact information below to extend an invitation.
Paul Quinn College
Wiley College
Huston-Tillotson University
Prairie View A&M University
Texas College
St. Philip's College
Jarvis Christian College 
Texas Southern University 
Southwestern Christian College

Further resources for exploring HBCUs in more depth are provided by the following organizations:

The Texas College Access Network (TxCAN) connects and supports college access initiatives across Texas, with the goal of increasing access to college and certificate programs.