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Online TASFA Coming Soon!

By: TxCAN   |  

In addition to the paper TASFA, the new Online TASFA application will be available to submit 100% electronically in the coming financial aid cycle. Read this blog to learn more about the Online TASFA and be better prepared to support students in completing the application.

Online TASFA will be available sooner than you know it! The electronic application includes features that will streamline the work for counselors, advisors, and students and their families and provide TASFA applicants with a simplified state financial aid process. 

Here are some product highlights that you and your team can look forward to:   

  1. The Online TASFA application will only be available in English when it’s launched. The Spanish version of TASFA will continue to be available via PDF (aka paper TASFA).  

  1. Students can select up to 10 institutions for their initial submission and can add up to 10 more colleges for each additional session.  

  1. The Online TASFA will not generate a Student Aid Index (formerly EFC) but will transmit the data collected to the institutions the student has selected on their application.  

  1. The Online TASFA will include validation checks to ensure essential information is entered. 

  1. There will be help icons to provide information on common questions. 

  1. The student will be able to download and print the online application as a PDF once completed.  

  1. The Online TASFA submission data will be available to counselors on the ApplyTexas Counselor Suite. 

  1. Other languages will be considered for future releases of the Online TASFA. 


The following features will be available when completing their TASFA: 

  1. The navigation buttons include an automatic “save” feature, so the applicant does not lose information they enter on the TASFA. 

  1. Skip logic is built into the Online TASFA to eliminate unnecessary questions that do not apply to the student’s situation. 

  1. Help icons provide additional clarification on most fields to assist students with questions. 

  1. The parent section and parent acknowledgement will display based on the dependency determination. 

  1. The parent will be emailed a secure link to allow them to review the information entered on the TASFA and complete their acknowledgement electronically.  


We’ll share more details and important dates to keep an eye on as they become available. This announcement is an exciting development for all future financial aid application cycles. Please note the Online TASFA application will not be offered in Spanish upon release. We strongly suggest assisting families in completing the Online TASFA form to streamline the application process for the student. TxCAN is looking forward to the impact this change will have over time for our students and practitioners.  

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