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Roadtrip Nation Experience: A Free Course for Student Pathway Discovery

By: Roadtrip Nation   |   March 2024

Explore Roadtrip Nation's complimentary online project-based course designed to guide students in uncovering their interests, exploring diverse career pathways, and engaging with individuals they admire to glean insights into forging their own paths.

For nearly two decades, Roadtrip Nation has been creating helpful digital tools, video content, and project-based learning courses that use storytelling to transform the way people think about careers. As learning environments rapidly evolve, we recognize the need to engage students in flexible new ways—and encourage people everywhere to keep looking forward to their futures.
That's why we created the Roadtrip Nation Experience, a five-lesson project-based career exploration course designed to work in any learning environment.
All of the course materials are provided digitally, and the lessons are designed to work
in digital, face-to-face, or hybrid learning environments!
We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to distribute the Roadtrip Nation Experience
to facilitators and students across the U.S.—at no cost!
What’s included in the Roadtrip Nation Experience?

  • Five blended learning lessons—approximately one hour each—aligned to core standards
  • Extra tools and resources, including Google’s Applied Digital Skills lessons
  • An implementation guide to help you facilitate this course in your learning environment
  • Guidance on how to make sure your learners get the most out of their Interview Project
  • Support from the Roadtrip Nation Education team
Who is the Roadtrip Nation Experience for?
  • Learners: adults and young adults ages 13 and older
  • Facilitators: educators looking to bring real-world careers into your learning environment with lessons that expose learners to new pathways
  • Institutions: organizations and institutions that are looking to bring career exploration to as an offering with a course that sets up learners to build a future they're excited about
What Will Learners Gain Through the Five Digital Lessons in the Roadtrip Nation Experience?
  • Investment  in, and excitement about their futures
  • Exposure to a vast range of exciting career pathways aligned with their unique skills and interests
  • Participation in a potentially life-changing Interview Project with a professional (and potential mentor!) working in a career of interest
  • Enhancement of digital literacy and social-emotional skills
What do you need to do to access the Roadtrip Nation Experience?
  • Be prepared to dedicate at least 7-10 hours to the course
  • Implement the course with students ages 13 and older
Click here to learn more and get started with the Roadtrip Nation Experience:

Roadtrip Nation is a nonprofit organization that humanizes career exploration through stories and empowers individuals to connect their interests to fulfilling lives and careers. Through its award-winning public television series, New York Times bestselling book “Roadmap,” and educational programs and tools that provide visibility and insights into career possibilities and pathways, Roadtrip Nation gives people from all backgrounds confidence and belief in their ability to persist through challenges and define success for themselves.