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Closing Learning Gaps with the Acceleration Imperative

By: TxCAN   |   September 2021

Learn about the interactive wiki "The Acceleration Imperative" from CAO Central, a resource for teachers in response to Covid-19.

One-and-a-half-years ago, educators and administrators could not have predicted the extent to which Covid-19 would alter day-to-day life at school. Across America’s 13,000 public districts and 7,000 charter networks, students face unprecedented learning loss and psychological upset. Offering its own thesis for how to address learning loss and get schools back on their feet, the Fordham’s Institute’s  advocates for ‘acceleration’ over ‘remediation,’ claiming schools must move forward from learning loss rather than moving backward.

The Acceleration Imperative was designed with four principles in mind: increased one-on-one attention or “high-dosage” tutoring, high quality curriculum and culture, instruction at grade-level or higher, and researched-backed decision making. The Acceleration Imperative’s wiki -- the main product of the project -- addresses all of these topics, calling on collaborators to create a downloadable ‘living document’ of curricula, instruction techniques, culture tips, and mental health best-practices. Anyone is welcome to edit and reproduce the document, as well as comment on posts for targeted Q&A.

“The Acceleration Imperative,” a project of the Fordham Institute

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