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Tag: covid-19

Engagement Strategies Persistence

January 2022

Getting Interactive with Financial Literacy

Drawing upon the Trellis Student Financial Wellness Survey Results, learn why it is so important to engage with financial literacy to prepare students for access and persistence in postsecondary education.

Engagement Strategies

September 2021

Project Restore: Addressing Mental Health Concerns Amid Covid-19

Learn about the TEA’s “Project Restore,” a video course on mental health for education workers.

Engagement Strategies

September 2021

Closing Learning Gaps with the Acceleration Imperative

Learn about the interactive wiki "The Acceleration Imperative" from CAO Central, a resource for teachers in response to Covid-19.

Post-secondary Advising

September 2021

Meeting the Needs of Texas’ Youth Impacted by Covid-19

Learn about databases that counselors can use as tools to address the basic needs of students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.