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Tag: Match and fit

Post-secondary Advising Engagement Strategies

July 2022

A New Way to Look at First Generation Students

We tend to assume that all first-generation students fit the same mold, but in a study conducted by the National Science Foundation we have found that is not always the case. This post will showcase how the National Science Foundation defines the varying levels of first-generationness and how the differentiation can be used to enhance college advising practices. Read to learn how you can intentionally plan out your college access activities this year to support all levels of first-generation students.

Post-secondary Advising

July 2022

Use Fit and Match to Increase Students’ Success

Learn from Bill DeBaun, Senior Director of Data and Strategic Initiatives at the National College Attainment Network as he shares how you can dive into the concepts of “fit” and “match” and share resources for districts, schools, and community organizations who want to increase or improve how they put these concepts to work for students.

Post-secondary Advising

February 2022

Dr. Kenyatta Lovett: My HBCU Story

Guest author Dr. Kenyatta Lovett reflects on the impact of HBCUs on his professional mission and success, as well as the progress of other Black students.