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The Texas Learning Exchange (TxLx) project collaborates with Texas educational leaders to develop innovative pre-K-12 learning resources, solutions and models focused on equity, access and overall enhancement of teaching and learning. Operating under the assumption that the 2020-21 school year may need to alternate between school-based and remote instruction, the TxLx project team is working alongside a diverse Steering Committee to develop and implement a strategy to elevate and share resources and guides for districts to implement based on local needs and supports.

This pandemic has created an opportunity to rethink educational delivery models and how to address the needs of students in this current environment. Because of this, coupled with raised attention to social justice and supports for diversity across the country, we’ve taken pause to think about society’s systems for serving all–especially within education. Much has been learned over the last six months about key issues needed for ensuring the delivery of quality teaching and learning, both in person and remotely.  With likely transitions between distance learning and hybrid models, continuity of instruction will be crucial in supporting learners and their families this school year. TxLx is a project of Educate Texas in partnership with Getting Smart and Learner-Centered Collaborative, and will be complementary to the work of the Texas Education Agency’s Texas Home Learning Project.

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Steering Committee

To help guide the project and resources, we have convened a diverse Steering Committee of district leaders and practitioners to collectively leverage expertise and experience across Texas. Members include large and small districts, as well as urban and rural representatives.

The Steering Committee is sharing experiences, evaluating resources and informing a professional learning framework.

  • Matt Pariseau, Assistant Supt Curriculum & Instruction (Spring ISD)
  • Marie Mendoza, Executive Director of Professional Development (Spring ISD)
  • Tamekia Brown Ed.D, Chief Academic Officer (El Paso ISD)
  • Erin Bown-Anderson, Executive Director (Austin ISD)
  • Todd Davis Ed.D, Chief Academic Officer (Aldine ISD)
  • Angie Gaylord, Deputy Chief, Transformation & Innovation (Dallas ISD)
  • Ronnie Gonzales, Assistant Superintendent (Navasota ISD)
  • Lisa Goodnow Ph.D, Chief Academic Officer (Midland ISD)
  • Matthew Gutierrez Ed.D, Superintendent (Seguin ISD)
  • Cristi Morgan, Assistant Superintendent (Sunnyvale ISD)
  • Scott Muri, Superintendent (Ector ISD)
  • Harry Piles, Assistant Superintendent (Lytle ISD)
  • Yolanda Rodriguez, Chief Academic Officer (Houston ISD)
  • Macy Satterwhite Ph.D, Assistant Superintendent (Lubbock-Cooper ISD)
  • Jill Siler Ed.D, Superintendent (Gunter ISD)
  • Amber Stowers, Coordinator for Academic Services & Instructional Technology (Sweeny ISD)
  • Raul Trevino, Assistant Superintendent (Rio Hondo ISD)
  • Remy Washington, Chief Academic Officer (Uplift Charters)
  • James Wilcox Ed.D, Superintendent (Longview ISD)
  • Annie Wolfe, Director of Curriculum and Instruction (Katy ISD)
  • Burak Yilmaz Ed.D, Project Director (Harmony Public Schools)