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Cajon Valley Union School District, El Cajon, CA

Cajon Valley Union School District has almost 1,700 students, with 65% receiving free and reduced lunch benefits and all students are provided with a school-provided device and access. This K8 district is known for hosting the annual TEDxKids@ElCajon conference, which showcases the talent, passion, and potential of El Cajon students through a globally-broadcasted platform. The district provides an online curriculum that allows teachers to learn about and apply digital tools in their instructional practice, recognized by a badging program. The district will be adding a high school in the 2021-2022 school year. They have a noteworthy partnership with the San Diego Workforce that works to support the commitment to a world of work curriculum across the district.

School Type


School Context

Elementary School, Middle School, Suburban


  • Outcomes: Emphasis on happy kids; World of Work; Community-connected; Global Cultural Importance; Healthy relationships on a path to Gainful Employment Student Engagement; Gallup GSP
  • Learning Experience: Blended and Personal Learning 1:1 district from K-8; Modern Curriculum, Computer Science, Tedx, SEL, Career Development; Community partners with an emphasis on expanding exposure, peer networks, who you know; Moving toward the competency model
  • Competency & Credentialing: Not yet competency-based but moving to this direction; Empower LMS; Progressions
  • Wellness: World of Work and Riasec with SEL connections; Employee Engagement; Strengths Based Leadership
  • Equity: Family and community engagement office; World of Work integration
  • Professional Learning: Deep commitment to career-related learning via World of Work Initiatives across the system; Modern teacher with professional learning
  • Strategy: Currently transitioning to the addition of a high school; Moving into a thoughtful pod/hybrid approach
  • Partnerships: San Diego Workforce Partnership; Cajon Valley City Manager, Mayor, Chief of Fire, Chief of Police, Religious Leaders and business community; Community College District; American Student Assistance; Beable Education; University of San Diego
  • Technology: Empower LMS

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